Become a colleague
  If after reading The Hexagon and a few other things on this site you find its vision of interest, please consider becoming a Colleague.

In the Colleagues section, each Colleague may make a selection of poetry available to the general public. Colleagues will receive a password to the Forum, where they may post their current work and engage in poetic dialogue (see Forum Rules). Colleagues are automatically members of the Hexagon Foundation, an organization existing at present mainly in the world of ideas, but hoping to become gradually more embodied.

To become a Colleague, send an E-mail to, attaching a file of the work you would like to see posted under your name in the "Colleagues" section. In the body of the E-mail, tell us something about yourself (geographical location, education, occupations and pursuits, organizational memberships, favorite writers and influences, URL off your own website...) and your affinities with the Hexagon idea.

The Hexagon looks forward to hearing from you!